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About 9 months ago an acquisition editor from Manning Publications first approached me, asking whether I was interested in writing a book about Firefox OS app development. Being a contributor, module peer for keyboard, and evangelist for Telenor, that actually made sense. Even when almost everyone in my environment that ever wrote a book said: "Yeah, it sounds fun, but actually its horrible". In a way they were right, especially the start was though; but during the process I actually had more and more fun. The fruit of the labour has now been bundled in an early access version of my book "Firefox OS in Action".

So if you're interested in getting started on developing apps for Firefox OS, get a quick start and buy the early access version. New chapters will be added when they are done, and you'll get the final and fully edited copy when it comes out. To put it in the words of a reader:

Thank for writing a great book. I read the "Welcome to the Future" part of your book it is just awesome. Every developer who want to develop app for Firefox OS is confused and don't know how to start. I think this book provide a content at one place and clear the all the doubts of developer. Information about UI is also great. I am eager to read your whole book.
BUY BUY BUY! And if you don't care about Firefox OS, just buy it for the beautiful images that I created in paint for the early access version. I'll also buy you a beer when you're in Amsterdam.

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